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Daily Prayer Map

George Leroy Dale

How to use: Start the day after awaking, and end the day before sleeping, by meditating on each prayer statement you are using to gain the meaning; then whisper it rapidly several times to impress the subconscious nature. Relax the mind a moment to let God have His way; then take up the next statement.

Creation: God, the one and only unchangeable Presence and Power created man from Himself as an individualized, spiritual thinking being. Man has named God Eternal Life, Love, Truth, Substance, Principle, Lord, Spirit, universal Creator, and Sustainer of all the Universe. As man thinks rightly he can use God's ideas, principles and laws to make for himself an enjoyable earth life.

Guidance: As I yield my intellect to the Spirit, divine intelligence illumines my mind, guides me in all studies, and shows me what to think, say and do every day.

Love: Divine love harmonizes me with the good in people, things, and conditions every day and brings to me my own. I love all people, all people love me, without attachment.

Work: Both work and supply come from God. The position of service that I can fill and no one else can fill is given me by the Spirit. I do the work to the glory of God and the good of my fellow man.

Supply: Voluntary, faithful tithing operates the divine law of increasing prosperity for me. Divine substance fills my mind, my pocketbook, my bank account to overflowing and I always have plenty to spare and to share.

Protection: I declare my personal freedom from all unwanted influences, from all racial mind deteriorations, from all possibilities of accidents. I am sensitive, receptive, obedient to Divine Mind ideas only. God is my ever-present protection, within me and surrounding me night and day.

Home: I radiate divine peace, harmony, and Golden Rule action in the mental and physical atmosphere of my home.

Divine Design: "Thou in me doth reveal to me Thy divine design for my earth life. Thou doth open the way quickly for its manifestation."

Spiritual Education: The study of the teachings of Jesus the Christ, the greatest Master of all; certain Bible passages; and the study of Unity books, courses, and other metaphysical literature, all stimulate me into seeking deeper into the kingdom of God within me first, so that all other good things follow in divine order. I realize the necessity of doing my own personal daily prayer work in order to improve my own subconscious mind, which constantly externalizes what I have put into it.

Peace: The killing of men to please other men, and the killing of animals for human food and clothing are no longer part of my consciousness. The freedom I desire for myself is the freedom I grant to all free-moving, God-created creatures on earth. God-peace, released by my personal thought within myself, assures peace of mind and action for me, and adds to peace in the world.

Appearance: I visualize myself on earth clothed in garments of worth and approval, radiating eternal youth, eternal joy, eternal beauty, eternal health, eternal motion, eternal prosperity, every day.

Memory: My memory is a gift of God to me and I can never lose it. I can remember what I need to remember at the time I wish to remember it.

Golden Rule: I do to others first what I would have others do to me. I do not do for others what they are unwilling to do for themselves. I refuse to accept (consciously or subconsciously) any person's opinion of me not based on the Truth. I no longer hold anyone in bondage with my personal thoughts or feelings or actions. I express and ask for forgiveness whenever necessary. I love my God with all my mind and heart, and I love my neighbor as I love my higher self.

Living Habits: Correct habits of thinking, breathing, eating, drinking, exercising, sleeping, and sun, air, and water bathing are revealed to me by my indwelling Spirit. I obey the Spirit and manifest a vigorous, healthful, peaceful, harmonious life on earth.

Vacation: The Spirit in me reveals to me when, why, how, and where I can go, to relax soul and body, and improve my consciousness at vacation time.

Overcoming Fear: I cast out (consciously and subconsciously) all past fears about sickness, wars, politics, poverty, sex, and religion. I am not afraid of anything past, present, or future. God in me is greater than any human experience and can deliver me from everything that should not be.

Thankful Attitude: Counting my present blessings and praising God in myself and in my neighbor, I experience more of the goodness of God every day.

Life Beyond: I realize I am a perfect spiritual being and can never die. I always have and always will live eternally somewhere. I realize that I take my spiritual body and consciousness with me to the next plane of existence. I keep improving my consciousness (states of thought and feelings) every day here and now on earth through Truth study, as revealed by the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Truth can guide me ever onward gloriously through God's many worlds of life.

Healing Prayer: God, my Indwelling Spirit, heals me perfectly while I sleep and I awaken refreshed in the morning.