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How to Enjoy Peace on Earth

George Leroy Dale

THE yearning for peace by most of the two billion or more people on earth will sooner or later bring peace on earth. Political efforts, national treaties, trade exchanges, sermons by ministers of all faiths, discussions by radio and television performers, debates by educators and students—all tend in the direction of peace on earth.

But how few realize that the subconscious race habit of the ages of killing animals and people in wars is part of the subconscious race mind which encircles the earth invisibly and which controls masses of people who are ignorant of personal responsibility for their thinking and acting. It has been said that what is inside must come out, and we know that the pressure of subconscious error wells up through the race mind causing wars and diseases of all kinds. Destructive, fearful, lack-of-love thinking brings terrible retribution through mankind.

This can all be corrected by scientific prayer work by those who desire betterment of conditions. Jesus Christ realized Himself as a Son of God and taught that the kingdom of God (peace, love, intelligence, right action) is within man. So each person can do likewise: seek the Father within, allow Divine Mind to have its way and thereby be assured of a peaceful, loving life on earth. The peace of God as a radiance through and around each person will come forth as a response to individual prayer work. When a few people realize this and pray individually and collectively, the impression made on Divine Mind brings its response.

What one or a few can do, all can do, since God is impartial and unchangeable Mind and is the Father of peace, love, intelligence, and supply for all. The Golden Rule of right personal action for everyone applies to man's relationship to animals as well as to his fellow men. Hence the following prayer statements, if faithfully used, will so change the consciousness that peace on earth, good will to all men, can become possible:

I join my personal thought with the thoughts of all peace-minded people in all nations over the earth and affirm that God-peace, God-love, God's one perfect action is manifesting through all people who are willing to let it do so.

The killing of men and animals is no longer part of my consciousness.

The freedom I desire for myself is the freedom I grant to all God-created creatures on earth.

God-peace, released by my personal thought within myself, assures peace of mind and action for me, and adds to the peace in the world.

The peace which "passeth all understanding" is deep within me and comes forth through all my personal activities.