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How to Achieve Happiness in Human Relationships

George Leroy Dale

TO some people happiness means enjoyment of physical sense life, plenty of money to spend, and having one's own way in all of life's activities. Some who find they cannot have their own way at all times often complain bitterly, accusing others of interfering with their desires or rights.

Humanity on the whole is slowly emerging from the competitive, selfish mode of life on earth that is represented by the racial mind vibrations which have found subconscious outlets through most people.

A marriage usually takes place because a man and woman in love believe that happiness will develop through living together under one roof, having children, raising a family, and entering into all the various activities that have to do with churches, schools, work, entertainment, travel, and so forth. But some persons are still seeking happiness, even after many years of married life.

Those who are illumined by Truth study have discovered how to bring the conscious and subconscious activities of their own natures under the control of Spirit, and have found that real happiness consists in letting the "joy of the Lord" have its way through man. In other words divine joy (as part of Divine Mind) will respond to man's prayers for happiness and will radiate through man all day long.

Simple, practical prayer statements can be used to induce happiness. Say often:

I let go all selfish desires concerning myself or others living on earth.

I refuse to let feelings of unhappiness dominate my life. I cast out all unhappy vibrations.

I grant forgiveness and freedom to all people to enjoy life just as I wish to enjoy my own.

Knowing my happiness comes not from others but from God, I let the joy of the Lord have full play through me every day.

The joy of the Lord radiates through the mental and physical atmosphere of my home and business every day.