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How to Overcome Fears

George Leroy Dale

WHAT we understand we do not fear. We gain spiritual understanding through the study of Truth, and when we have built a consciousness of confidence and trust in God, we become courageous souls on earth, easily meeting all that is opposed to the kingdom of God. We dissolve or rise above everything we formerly feared. Personal thought is the mighty weapon that we wield in passing through, dissolving, or destroying false conditions.

How is this done? It is done by doing what Hosea told Israel to do: "Take with you words, and return unto Jehovah: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and accept that which is good."

Every one of us was given thinking ability when God created us. What we think tends to come into expression through and around us. Most people think of themselves as physical bodies, having minds at the mercy of all that is seen, heard, or felt. Just the opposite is true: we are spiritual beings with thinking ability and what we think we can demonstrate or bring to pass.

The greatest master of all, Jesus Christ, taught clearly the truth about man's relationship to God, his fellow man and nature. Jesus' mighty words clothed many divine principles and ideas with form. We can do the same if we unfold our hidden spiritual powers as He did.

When feeling fearful of anything or any person, stop and deliberately repeat (silently or aloud) statements like the following:

I am not afraid of.......................... [name condition or person]. What I have been seeing or feeling is only a picture in my mind; I now dissolve it and see myself as God sees me—intelligent, kind, loving, peaceful, courageous, powerful, prosperous, happy, protected, guided, and free.

Remember the importance of repeating statements until a feeling of confidence wells up from the subconsciousness.

Other statements which have been used often in Unity Training School classes are:

"I am not afraid of anything,
Through life I freely roam.
The world was made for everyone,
I make myself at home."
(This can be sung to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne")

I let go of all past human ancestral fears, fears about sickness, sexual fears, poverty fears, religious fears about death or the hereafter, fears about war, fears about old age.

God in the midst of me is mighty to heal anything in me, anywhere, any time, and is doing it now.