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How to Improve Eyesight

George Leroy Dale

TRULY it has been said that the eyes are "the windows of the soul." They are also the physical cameras of the body. We, as spiritual beings, through our physical eyes look out into the natural world, take pictures, and interpret them, all in a flash (so to speak).

In reality, there is only one Presence, one Power, one perfect, right action of God taking place throughout the universe, although to our physical senses it seems as if there are both good and evil powers, and often we seem to be trying to find out which is which. In God we "live, and move, and have our being." We are in God, and God is within us. We have the right to do as we please; but it is the power of God within us that enables us to see, smell, taste, feel, move, take pictures and interpret them, and enjoy life on earth.

The realization that the perfect spiritual man with his perfect spiritual (eternal) body is delivering power, growth, activity, and life to the physical man clears the mind of dual-mindedness and lets us understand that spiritual insight and good physical eyesight are the inside and outside of the same cup.

To see only the good in people, things, and conditions will help wonderfully in restoring physical eyesight to normal, because the dropping of the good seed thought into the soil of the subconscious mind results in the coming forth in the physical body of that which man desires. The subconscious nature of man, which is the servant of both the conscious and the spiritual phase of mind, can restore perfect functioning and structure to the physical eyes so that they can again become the perfect cameras through which man sees. By declaring the Truth often; by stopping all enervating practices that have used energy wastefully, particularly excessive sexual indulgence, overeating, smoking, drinking alcoholic liquors; and by doing personal prayer work, man can demonstrate perfect physical sight for himself.

Use the following affirmations:

God gave me perfect sight and I will never lose it. Divine intelligence illumines my mind and guides me in every habit of living on earth. Divine love harmonizes all my relationships with humans, animals, and nature, and I see the beauty of God in manifestation everywhere.

Criticism and condemnation leave my soul and life. Love and Truth shine through my mind, eyes, and every part of my body.

People, things, and conditions have no power to disturb me. I see through all false conditions to the Truth of God and I am at peace.