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The Fear of Death

George Leroy Dale


Although I have lived on earth for many years and have read all kinds of explanations about the "hereafter," I still quake with fear whenever I think of what may happen to me in years to come. Can this fear be eliminated?


No one knows how many years of earth life he will go through, although he usually hopes that they will be many. Some persons believe that they can expect to live on earth for threescore years and ten, because the Bible says that is man's earth span of life. Others work diligently in controlling body habits, hoping to extend their years beyond one hundred. Some believe it is possible to refine flesh cells until the cells become spiritual, undying substance, and thereby live on earth as long as they desire. Some metaphysical students believe that it is possible for the mortal to "put on immortality" through human desires; others believe that man, created by God as an eternal, immortal being with an eternal, immortal, spiritual body, can live in any place of life he desires, being superior to earth, air, fire, and water.

Many persons have written books expressing their personal opinions about life hereafter. Many religions have come into being on earth, purporting to teach what should or should not be done to have a life of harmony and peace here or hereafter.

Jesus Christ instructed His hearers about life in the invisible realm, as well as the necessity of each person's learning more of Truth while living in a body of flesh here in this world.

"Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." This is a statement that is often ignored and seldom explained by metaphysical teachers.

Each person who is sincerely interested in having revealed to him the truth about life and death can learn from the Spirit within himself what is true if he will follow Hosea's instructions to Israel, "Take with you words, and return unto Jehovah."

As a favorite Truth writer, Zelia M. Walters, has put it: "Of one thing we feel sure: God is a God of love, and there are no fires of hell or eternal punishment for man to experience. So there is nothing to fear in this respect. ... In faith let us leave this search for a description of what will be. Jesus bade us be concerned with the call of today. The morrow is in God's loving care."

A prayer like the following will bring satisfaction and confidence to the soul:

The same mind that is in Christ Jesus is in me. All I need to know about life or death is clearly revealed to my consciousness and I rejoice in my continuous, eternal ongoing through any world in which I am living or shall live. 1 let God's will be done in me; I am fearless and free and always at peace within myself.