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How to Have Abundant Supply

George Leroy Dale

ONE of the rich attributes of God is substance. Substance underlies and penetrates everything in the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. In fact, substance is everywhere present as part of Universal Mind (often called the God-creative Mind.) Man was created by God as a spiritual being, expressing in a physical body, with unlimited freedom of thought, but man generally has forgotten this and used his mind to please his sense nature. Through the false use of mind (or ignorance of his birthright from God) man has produced conditions of poverty, lack, and unhappiness for himself. Thought creates mental images, molds substance into form, thereby invoking hidden laws to act through substance. Man's thinking therefore produces prosperity or poverty, or a mixture of both from time to time. The dual phase of mind called the human mind often sees both sides of conditions in physical life but usually does not know how to become single-minded or unified in the use of thought.

The person who can receive ideas of plenty from God within and keep his conscious phase of mind sending instructions to his subconscious mind to produce an abundant supply of all good for himself, has reached that stage in unfolding the Truth wherein he will never lack.

The money system of the world is a convenient way of evaluating services, commodities, and goods, and when understood and used righteously it will bring splendid returns in prosperous living. Since the earth is made of substance and all money is coined or printed on the physical things of the earth (metal, wood, and paper) it can truly be said that man has a subconscious contact with God-substance, in the form of money as well as in service to humanity.

The following prayer statements can be used to educate the mind and subconsciously to set prosperity laws into action:

God directs me to my right work which is valuable to mankind and joyfully paid for.

I work for God to promote His good and He rewards me abundantly.

The work I can do and no one else can do, the job I can fill and no one else can fill, is given me by the Spirit, and I do the work perfectly to the glory of God and the good of man.

I picture myself having plenty of God-substance to use as God directs.

Divine substance fills my mind, my pocketbook, my bank account to overflowing and I always have plenty to spare and to share.

From all directions, in perfect ways, come large sums of God-substance in money form for my personal use and I use it wisely.

No human thought, no human being can prevent my becoming increasingly prosperous.

I always give more in constructive service than is expected, thereby helping my fellow man enjoy life more.

I always remember to tithe my gross financial income to help promote God's work on earth under God's direction.

I hold no one in debt to me financially and no one holds me in debt.

In all financial dealings (as well as in other ways) I obey the Golden Rule. I see God in action on both sides of all business dealings.

I never limit another's prosperity by a restricting thought.

I am willing that everyone else should have a financial income such as I would like for myself.

God responds to my prayers concerning spiritual prosperity, investments, pensions, travel.

I claim appreciation from God for all good work well done and my soul is at peace.