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How to Find Your Right Work

George Leroy Dale

TO find congenial employment is the desire of millions of people. They usually hope that someone will offer them work that they can do easily, and for which they will receive an unusually large financial compensation. More money, more freedom, more power over one's fellow men are the ideals which many men consider proper.

The effort to attain these ideals in physical life is usually made by working strenuously at a job for a while; watching for a chance to be promoted to another job; using every means at hand to "influence the boss"; cutting expenses to meet a family budget; saving a part of the income; seeking the financial advice of those "in the know"; and so on.

"When, through an unexpected change of circumstances, employment suddenly stops, what then? The average man starts seeking again "in the without," in the world of affairs, for a job—watching newspaper ads, asking his fellow men if they know of a job, going to an employment agency to find something "suitable."

If a job does not materialize soon, fear seems to drift into his soul and the thought may come: "Why don't I have congenial work? I want to work; why doesn't someone hire me and pay me well?"

The one who continues to go through such experiences as these has never discovered that the Power which created him and permitted him to incarnate in a physical body on earth is within him, waiting to be recognized, willing to answer his questions, eager to place him in work that will release his soul faculties and bring him adequate financial compensation.

To discover this Power which will surely guide one into congenial work with adequate recompense, it is necessary for man to discover his real Self, to be "born anew" as Jesus put it—to rise in consciousness or think above the problem.

Thought discipline is the secret of success—and discipline over depressed feelings and unhappy conditions in life comes as one studies what God (Divine Mind) is; where God is; how God works; man's relationship to God; what man is, and his relation to his fellow man.

A definite prayer statement (or affirmation) which "connects" with the Source of power within and releases guidance and opportunity, is the thought instrument to use in the emergency of unemployment. Say repeatedly, morning, noon, and night, the following:

God, the Power within that brought me into the world, is guiding and directing me, and a quick contact is made with the work God has for me to do.

Expect the answer—and the opportunity will appear.