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How to Breathe for Health

George Leroy Dale

"GOD is the breath of my life" is a statement that is a fact in relation to living on earth. God is the breath of life to all His creations— vegetable, animal, human—on earth, and no doubt on other planes of life also. When any organized form of life on earth stops breathing, death comes to that form and a withering process follows until finally the earth law of "dust unto dust" is fulfilled.

Charles Fillmore said that all things that mankind needs are "in the air" ready to manifest or be used on demand. Our atmosphere contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and other life sustaining elements, which can be drawn in greater degree into our physical bodies through special breathing exercises. Artificial respiration in cases of drowning, the "iron lung" action in cases of polio victims, the taking in of big gulps of breath by athletes before making strenuous efforts, all indicate that the life force or energy in the air can be contacted and used for revitalizing and energizing the body.

During sleep most people breathe much more deeply than when awake, and this subconscious deep breathing action has much to do with the storing up of energy or vitality in the brain, glands, and nerve centers of the body for use the following day. Shallow breathers do not usually manifest good health or energetic action. Anyone who desires to do so can learn to use a few simple breathing exercises, combined with affirmations, that will result in quick chemical changes (metabolism) taking place in the physical body.

In the classes taught in the Unity Training School, the author has trained many students, combining mental action and physical breathing under spiritual direction so that the whole man—spirit, soul, and body— expresses as a complete unit of vigorous life and power on earth. There need be no fear about becoming "too psychic" through these breathing exercises. A positive mind directed toward expressing God-life vigorously and righteously cannot be influenced detrimentally.

The student can assume a standing, sitting, or reclining position. If indoors, the room should be well ventilated. Inhalation should take place through the nose, exhalation through either the nose or the mouth.

Exercise I

Close one nostril; breathe in and out ten or more times. Affirm silently or audibly:

The inflow and outflow of God-life and substance through me is unrestricted and free.

Repeat, using the other nostril. Then alternate left and right nostril breathing.

Exercise II

Breathe in deeply through both nostrils, hold breath, vibrate the diaphragm vigorously. The silent affirmation to use is:

God-life force is flowing through every part of my body, revitalizing and rebuilding every part perfectly.

Relax and quietly exhale.