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How to Release God-Power through Singing

George Leroy Dale

ANYONE who can speak can sing. Of course, some sound better than others, but music is a gift of God to all, and only awaits man's recognition, cultivation, and use.

The statement "Music has charms to soothe a savage breast" is based on truth. Music can soothe hurt feelings and stimulate men and women to great efforts of different kinds.

Witness the effect of martial music on soldiers in wartime, and the wonderful effects produced on thousands of people at operas, concerts, and over radio and television. In religious meetings, a skilled leader of songs and hymns can produce almost any kind of an emotional mass response desired.

The race mind has billions of musical vibrations of notes and word pictures in it, and up from our personal subconsciousness at times come (through memory) many of the old familiar songs.

Personal spiritual unfoldment of Truth students through the use of the "word" silently or aloud can be greatly speeded up by the use of songs; by putting constructive words to the music of popular tunes, and some of the old ballads and religious melodies.

A splendid practice is to consider the meaning of the words of prayer songs; then gently or vigorously (according to the effect desired) sing the verse or verses (perhaps repeating several times); then relax and gently hum the tune (thinking of the words). Humming produces a vibration over the nerves and through the glands and bones of the body, often healing conditions quickly. It is important to train the subconscious mind only with constructive words.