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How to Eat for Health

George Leroy Dale

IN modern-day advertising one can find unlimited varieties of opinions and ideas concerning diet, offered by food manufacturing companies, doctors, health lecturers, health writers and advisers. All of these persons are quite sincere, no doubt, in their work of trying to help men "eat their way to health."

The God-power that created us gave us ability to think, intelligence to use, eyes to see with, and appetite when hunger is to be appeased. That same Power placed on earth plenty of wonderful food in the form of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and animal products of various kinds, from which it is possible for man to select what appeals to him as suitable nourishment for his physical body.

The author has had the experience of counseling with health-seekers of all ages, and can truthfully say that he knows of no one particular article of food, no one particular dietary method that can accomplish for all the restoration of health. Different people are in different states of consciousness (awareness of thought and feeling). Consciousness should govern eating habits.

Physical ancestral tendencies through heredity, eating habits acquired through environmental surroundings, emotional subconscious reactions of the individual, educational opportunities, all have to be considered in counseling people concerning eating for health. Those whose parents have been meat-eaters all their physical lives and are not yet ready to give up meat eating usually suffer and feel worse when placed on a non-meat diet because their subconscious nature has not been changed. But when people become spiritually educated through Truth study, a change of consciousness takes place. It becomes easy then to bring appetite and eating habits under the control of the Spirit of God within by using simple prayers such as:

The intelligence of God guides me through my mind, through my appetite, through my sense of smell and sight, and I eat only the foods that are best for my bodily health. As I grow into more spiritual understanding, I easily let go all thoughts and desires that have to do with all kinds of killing (including the killing of animals for food and clothing) and I rejoice in Golden Rule living.

I eat not too much, not too little, but just sufficient of God-created foods for my bodily needs.

My subconscious knows my bodily needs and it operates perfectly through my mind, eyes, sense of taste and smell, and I never overeat.

My bowels, lungs, kidneys, skin function perfectly, eliminating all waste, and I express God-health constantly.

I am not disturbed by anyone's personal opinion concerning my eating.

I am never worried over others' opinions about my health. I am at peace always.

All desires for more food than necessary are dissolved out of my mind, and obese appearances disappear.

Divine intelligence reveals to me all I need to know about fasting, dieting, and food combinations.

Divine intelligence slenderizes [or stoutens] my physical body safely, quickly, easily, and gracefully.

The divine image of a beautiful physical body of perfect proportions and perfect functioning, implanted in my soul in the beginning by God, now comes into manifestation.