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Hints about Physical Exercise

George Leroy Dale

MANY persons who come into Truth study become so enthusiastic over the teaching that God is all and in all that they forget the human responsibility of caring for their physical bodies while living on earth. As years pass, these persons usually show their neglect of their physical bodies in their gradual slowing down of thought and action, and often find themselves seeking relief from pains, aches, impaired functioning, and decaying structures. People who grow old or decrepit do not fully understand how to apply Truth.

Physical bodies are renewed (according to science) every eleven months—the idea being that this includes the nine-month period of gestation required to produce the normal infant body, and two additional months for further development of hair and teeth, and alimentary changes. The undesired changes that take place in the organism are induced more through beliefs in age and sickness and neglect of proper living and thinking habits than in any other way. If one grows old and stiff through failure to exercise the body normally, or if he fails in his own prayers to seek guidance about living habits, the result is the same.

Those who have become wise are particular to exercise the joints and muscles of their "earth vehicles" every day, sufficiently to induce a normal flow of blood and to breathe in more life force from the air. Thus food intake, nutrition, and elimination are balanced functions with the mind as director.