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The Alcoholic Habit

George Leroy Dale


How can I break the alcoholic habit?


Fermenting thoughts and feelings in the mind produce fermenting conditions in the body. Like attracts like. The extensive use of fermented grains and fruits produces a poisoning of the front brain (the organ of the conscious mind) and then the subconscious mind takes over and a "spree" or "jag" of intoxication is the result. The tremendous desire thousands of people have to escape from unwanted situations in physical life, or to become stimulated for a while in order to boast or act courageously (without reasoning), causes them to drink liquor until conscious control of the mind and body is set aside and the subconscious mind, filled with the unsatisfied desires of the past, can act "with the brakes off."

The various clubs and societies that have been founded to help alcoholics tend to help the sufferer to "help himself through helping others" but the real help comes from the Christ in man being released into fuller control of mind and body individually. A powerful affirmation like the following has helped thousands to rise above all alcoholic temptations:

Using the same power that Jesus Christ used and uses, I cast out of my subconscious mind every detrimental vibration, and I express my spiritual nature fully through my mind and body. I am always in perfect control of my appetite, and I am at peace.