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The Gossip Habit

George Leroy Dale


Often I find myself listening to, agreeing or disagreeing with, people who like to gossip about their friends. How can I train myself to stop gossiping?


All of us were given freedom of thought when God created us, but few of us have realized our personal responsibility involved in using thought. All that we think, say, and do registers in our subconscious nature and comes forth again by the law of attraction, to bless or to injure us or others.

A Truth student who realizes his personal responsibility for thinking discovers that what he thinks frees or binds him. So he studies Truth to learn better ways of thinking, and thereby frees himself from many unhappy experiences.

If caught in a gossipy "talkfest," simply keep thinking thoughts similar to the following:

What is being said here is of no consequence to me. The perfect action of God is taking place here through all concerned and only Divine Mind ideas are being contacted and expressed. Kindness, love, generosity, and understanding manifest through and for all, myself included.

The result will be that your own soul will not be contaminated, the so-called "gossips" will soon stop gossiping, no one's reputation will suffer, and peace for all will prevail.