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How I Used Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 1

How I Used Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 1

What is it that is capable of supplying each soul with the fulfillment of its own particular desires in abundant measure?

1. That which is capable of supplying every human being with the fulfillment of his own particular desires is the God-self, the I AM or Christ, at the center of every soul. As our lessons have brought out, the supply is in the form of the divine ideas that make up every man's spiritual inheritance.

God, as the great reservoir of unexpressed good, is the Fountain-head of all divine ideas. The soul draws its supply of good into manifestation in proportion to its recognition, acceptance, and use of these ideas in thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, and reacting.

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him" (I Cor. 2:9, A.V.).

(See the Annotations for Lesson One of Lessons in Truth, which cover the subject of God as the Fountainhead from which all our good comes.)

Everything that we see in this manifest world had its origin in Spirit substance as an idea. Each idea is endowed with the life and power necessary to make itself manifest. The idea, under the right conditions of thinking and feeling, will manifest through the law of expression within it. The ideas that make up the I AM or Christ nature are always available to us. However, we bring these ideas forth in abundance as we consciously know God's presence as the source, or the Fountainhead. Health manifests in our body temple when we know God as the source of life and ourselves as heirs to that life. When we know that God as wisdom indwells us, our minds use intelligence in whatever we undertake. Also, we must come to realize God as the source of our outer supply as well as the fulfillment of our inner needs. This enables us to understand that prosperity is the sum total of all the things needed to fulfill our own particular desires.

Let us consider the processes of nature, from seed to full-grown plant. We understand that it is the image or idea within the seed, determining its particular species, that supplies the growing plant with the fulfillment of all its needs. We know that the soil provides the nutriment, while sun, rain, wind, and heat all contribute to the growth of the plant. However, in the final analysis, it is the light that causes the life principle (image or pattern) within the seed to draw sustenance from the soil and to send forth the roots and shoots as part of the growing process. In us it is the light of God moving through us as the Holy Spirit that stirs us to seek the good that God has prepared for us "from the foundation of the world" (Matt. 25:34).

Each man's "seeking" will be in the way that is right for him. The light of Truth may impel one soul to seek his expression through the arts. Another may feel the urge within to enter business or government service. The desire in still another person may make him a good husband and father, or make her a good wife and mother. The fulfillment can never come from outside the person, only from the inner Presence that we call the I AM or Christ.

"For with thee is the fountain of life:
In thy light shall we see light" (Psalms 36:9).

The help we need for any endeavor, the light on any subject, can come only from the one Light -- God in us. This contact is made through prayer. We must find our own way of praying, even though we are willing to be taught techniques or steps in prayer that will be helpful.

"We should realize that in every soul there is undoubtedly present ... a great reservoir of radiant Spirit substance, which is ready and eager to be tapped and freed so that it can supply our every need.

"To gain control of Spirit substance we grasp it with our mind; that is, lay hold of the idea back of it. Right thinking is necessary in using the mind constructively to bring about right results" (TP-40).

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