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How I Used Truth - Lesson 11 - Annotation 4

How I Used Truth - Lesson 11 - Annotation 4

Explain the meaning of the word fact. What is meant by "the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view" (text, page 104)?

4. A fact is an actual happening in time or space. The "facts of life" are the circumstances, events, conditions that have appeared in the external as the result of man's thinking, feeling, and doing. Webster's dictionary says of the word fact that it derives from the Latin factum, meaning "deed, act, from facere meaning 'to do, make;' actual existence, event, manifest in experience; fact in its primary meaning ... is distinguished from truth."

The "highest point of view" would be perception from the spiritual or causative side of our nature. This viewpoint deals with principles (also termed ideas, elements, qualities, attributes). When we "contemplate the facts of life from the . . . higher side" (How I Used Truth 105), we raise our consciousness and view the conditions and circumstances of life from the spiritual side or the realm of ideas. We see that there is a mental cause for the "fact" or effect in outer life. The mental cause might be a belief in separation from our good, For example, if we feel separate from God, we in turn may be unloving or jealous toward our associates. To view this "fact" in the highest way means to look to the divine idea that is needed to change the "fact" of inharmony into one of harmony. We can do this only as we recognize our oneness with God, with His love. Such a realization makes us loving and appreciative of others. Thus we are viewing the "facts of life from the highest point of view." By the same token, we may view conditions that are harmonious and know that there has been first the divine idea, then the "mental equivalent" in mind that successfully brought forth the idea into manifestation. This too is viewing a "fact" from the "highest point of view."

When we view the "facts of life" from the spiritual or "highest point of view," there is never a tendency to blame other people, or even circumstances, for the condition in which we find ourselves. It is only through prayer that we are able to see the "facts of life" in their true light. We are able to understand them as the outer results of some former mental action, either good or not good. If the facts are not good, then through prayer we are guided to change our thinking and emotional reactions toward them. Thus we are able to harmonize ourselves with the God ideas that, rightly used, can bring forth the "facts of life" in accordance with God's plan of good.

All who are seekers of Truth need to come to the understanding that it is possible to look impersonally upon undesirable conditions in order to use the power of denial to erase the error thoughts that produced them. We need to clear away from our consciousness the obstructions caused by limiting beliefs. The word of affirmation can then be spoken effectively so that the "facts of life" become a demonstration of Truth. This will result in clarity, efficiency, alertness, positiveness of the mind (conscious phase); love, compassion, understanding of the heart (subconscious phase); health, vitality, strength of body; success, harmony, prosperity of affairs.

"You may not be able to see at just what point success began, or what separate word of allegiance to the Father first took effect, but as the weeks or months go by you will observe many changes taking place in your mind, your body, and your affairs. . . . You will find your mind more alert . . . The consciousness of an omnipotent hand guiding all your affairs will establish you in confidence and security, which will extend to the body welfare and surroundings" (Prosperity 39).

Unless we do look at the "facts of life" from a viewpoint beyond that of the human, we will continue to believe in duality. We may say with our lips that God is the one Presence and one Power, but if we are looking at the circumstances and conditions of life from the limited human standpoint only, we are acknowledging a power other than God. If our mind is confused, recognizing two powers, we are not able to view the "facts of life" from the true standpoint. Until we reach the place where we are following the admonition of Jesus to "Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24), we will be judging the undesirable "facts of life" only from their outer appearance. Once we see them as experiences waiting to be filled with Truth, we no longer fear them, or give them power over us. We come to recognize these negative "facts of life" as human formations that can be changed through the process of denial and affirmation, so that the "facts of life may be consistent with God's plan for us. When we are able to feel "an omnipotent hand guiding all . . . affairs" we will not fear the facts or challenges of life but step forth in faith to bring about victory.

"God is good, and God is all, hence there can be no real condition but good” (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 93).

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