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How I Used Truth - Lesson 1 - Annotation 2

How I Used Truth - Lesson 1 - Annotation 2

Explain how God "lives" and "works."

2. As the one Presence and one Power, God "lives" in His entire creation, including man, as the life principle. This life principle constitutes the life, substance, and intelligence that constantly and eternally sustain and maintain all that God has created.

In nature, in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, God "lives" as the idea or life principle of the species. As far as man is concerned, the life principle -- God -- is the I AM or Christ within to which belong all the ideas that are man's divine inheritance. On page 18 of the text God is referred to as the "ever abiding intelligence" and on page 19 as "the central spark . . . that lives in each of us" (How I Used Truth 19).

God "works" as the movement of His ideas into expression and manifestation through all creation. Thus we can say that the unfolding of the God-plan in creation is God "working." It is by means of the power of thinking (the power to conceive mental images) that we commune with God. This communion we call prayer. Through prayer we learn how to let God's will or plan unfold in our lives. Man is God's co-worker that God's will (plan) may be done, or come forth, on earth even as it is in heaven. Jesus said of this reciprocal activity, "My Father worketh even until now, and I work" (John 5:17).

God "works" throughout the rest of creation as the unfolding of a the idea (plan) back of the species, whether it be a mineral, a tree, or an animal.

"God is a mind force carrying forward creation under mental law. . . . God creates through the action of His mind, and all things rest on ideas" (Mysteries of Genesis 14).

It is suggested that the Annotations for Lesson Twelve of Lessons in Truth be re-read for further study material on this point.

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