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How I Used Truth - Lesson 3 - Annotation 9

How I Used Truth - Lesson 3 - Annotation 9

Explain how all power is given to the Christ.

9. All power is given to the Christ, spiritual man, by the Father-Mother God because the Christ is the offspring, the image of God-Mind. Just as the oak tree in a sense "gives" its own nature (image) to the acorn, as well as the Dower to reproduce the oak-pattern, so God "gives" His nature to spiritual man. This gift is the Christ, with the power to bring forth the likeness of the image, blueprint, or spiritual pattern.

"Christ is the spiritual mind in every individual, and the spiritual mind is the offspring of the universal . . . mind" (Atom Smashing Power of Mind 100).

The text, on page 45, definitely states, "All power is given to Christ," then proceeds to show what can be accomplished by the use of the "password" -- I AM (How I Used Truth 45). God is life and has given life and the power of healing to the Christ or I AM. However, only as we claim this life by identification with it through I AM statements can we manifest its fullness in our body. God is love, power, faith, abundance, and as His sons we are entitled to these qualities and their manifestations in all phases of our experience. We make our claim through the use of our "identification card" -- the I AM -- as we affirm statements such as:

I am God's love in expression.
I am power.
I am faith.
I am heir to all good.

We are not claiming these divine treasures of our human self, but through our divine Self, the Christ or I AM, we are laying claim to the heritage that is ours by divine right.

As the focal point of God-power in man, the Christ is the source in us of the power of accomplishment in any phase of our existence. Christ is the source in us of our health, our harmony, our success, our abundance. This is somewhat like a main dynamo that distributes power to all the outlets that are connected with it and drawing upon it. The Christ in us is the storehouse of God-power, and we can make demands upon the storehouse only as we know it to be God's presence in us, and ours "just for the asking." The power lies in the Christ self of each of us awaiting our call. We can transform the limited beliefs of our human consciousness to the Truth of God by turning in prayer to the I AM within. The Christ within, as it spoke through Jesus, says to each one of us:

"All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth" (Matt. 28:18, A.V.).

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