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10. Unadulterated Truth

10. Unadulterated Truth
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THERE IS A straight white line of absolute Truth upon which each one must walk if he would
have demonstration. The slightest swerving in either direction from this line results in non-demonstration, no matter how earnest or intense one may be.

The line is this: There is only God; all seeming else is a lie.

Whosoever is suffering today from sickness, poverty, failure -- any kind of trouble -- is believing the lie.

We talk largely about Truth, and quote with ease and alacrity the words of the Master, "The truth shall make you free." Free from what? Free from sickness, sorrow, weakness, fear, poverty. We claim to know the Truth, but the question to be driven right home is, are we free from these undesirable things? And if not, why not?

Let us get right down to a good, hardpan, practical basis about this matter.

We talk much about the omnipresence of God. In fact, this is one of the basic statements upon which rests the so-called New Thought. "God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient." When I was a child in spiritual things, I thought as a child and understood

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as a child. I believed that God was here, there, and everywhere, within hailing distance of every human being, no matter whether under the sea or on the mountain top, in prison or outside, in the sick chamber or at the wedding feast. In any and all places He was so near that in an instant He could be summoned to help. To me this was God's omnipresence. Then His omnipotence meant to me that while sickness and poverty, sorrow, the evil tongue of jealousy or slander, and so forth, had great power to make one suffer, God had greater power. I believed that if He were called on to help us, He surely would do it, but it would be after a fierce and prolonged combat between the two powers of good and evil, or of God and trouble.

I wonder if there are not others today whose real, innermost thoughts of God's omnipresence and omnipotence are much like this. Are you one of those who believe in God and -- ? God and -- -sickness? God and poverty?, God and something unpleasant in your life that you are daily trying to down by applying a sort of plaster of formal statements of Truth right over the sore place of your trouble, while at the same time you are giving in your own mind (if not also in your conversation) about equal power to the remedy and the disease? While you remain in this category, let me tell you

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that you will never escape from your bondage, whatever it may be.

Try for a moment to think what really is meant by omnipresent Spirit, remembering at the same time that what applies to your body, applies equally to all other forms of human affairs or conditions.

Each little atom of one's physical body, taken separately is completely filled, permeated by Spirit-life. This must be true because there could be no external form to the atom without first the sub-stans, that which stands under, or as the basis of all material things. The Spirit permeating each atom is now, always has been, and always will be absolutely perfect, because it is God, the only life in the universe. These atoms are held together each moment by the same Spirit. They work together because the Spirit pervading them is one Spirit and not several spirits. Spirit-life can not change because if it did, there would be one place where, for a time, there would be lack of God, perfect life. One place for one instant without God would break up the entire law of omnipresence, which cannot be.

Jesus said, "The truth shall make you free." but He prefaced this statement by the word, "Ye shall know the truth." It is, then, knowledge of the Truth that sets free. We are free now but we do not know it. You may be the child of a king, but if you do not

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know it, you may live in poverty and squalor all your life. We are all, today, this very hour, free from all sickness, because God, who is perfect life, unchangeable and indestructible, abides within and completely fills every atom of our body. If God, divine substance, fills every part, every place and space as the atmosphere fills the room, there is certainly no absence of Spirit-life in any part. Then if today we are manifesting sickness, it is because we have believed the lie about ourselves and have reaped the results of the lie -- that is, apparent lack of health -- in our consciousness.

All that is, is good, but lack of God In any part is not, that is, does not exist. Such a thing is a mortal impossibility.

Many earnest people are greatly puzzled right here. They are told that "there is no evil; all is good because all is God," and so forth. When they find themselves or others suffering apparent pain, sickness, lack of money, and so forth, they are staggered in faith, and begin to say: "Surely this is not good; lack of health is not good; sin is not good; poverty is not good. What is this?" For an answer they are often told, "Oh! yes, this is good, for there is nothing but good (God) in the universe. This is unripe good, like the green apple."

Now the truth is that all which is not good

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(God) is no thing. It is the lie, and has only to be definitely characterized as such in order to disappear. What is the wild beast that sits on your chest with such overwhelming weight when you have a nightmare? Is it "unripe good"? Is it something that, after a few days or weeks or right thoughts, you can manipulate into good? Not at all. From beginning to end it is nothing, no thing but a vagary, a deception of the mortal brain and senses. Had it at any time any sort of reality whatever? Surely not. It is all a lie, which, at the time, seems so real that it requires almost superhuman efforts to throw it off, even after you realize that it is only a nightmare.

"There is one God, the Father, of whom are all things," said Paul. And again, "For of Him, and through him, and unto him, are all things."

If God, then, is the substance of all things visible and invisible, and is omnipresent, there is no such thing as lack of God or lack of substance in any place in this universe. Sickness would be lack of life in some part of the body. Impossible! Poverty would be lack of substance in the circumstances. Impossible. Foolishness, ignorance, insanity, would be lack of God, Divine Mind, omniscience in man. Impossible! These things can not be.

Do you not see, then, how all these negatives are nothingness, not true, the lie? And how, instead of

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recognizing them as something to be overcome, we should put them at once and at all times into their real place of nothingness?

Let us go back to our straight, white line of absolute Truth: There is only God. All that is not God is no thing, that is, has no existence -- is simply the nightmare. If we walk on this white line where we refuse to see or acknowledge anything but God, then all else disappears. In dealing with the everyday problems of life, we shall succeed in becoming free, just in proportion as we cease absolutely to parley with apparent evils as though they were entities. We cannot afford to spend a moment's time agreeing with their claim, for if we do, we ourselves shall be the overcome instead of the overcomers. We must rise to the highest, most sweeping statements of Truth that we know. Our great statement must be: "There is only God." Whatever is not God (good) is a lie. And this lie must be instantly and constantly crushed on the head as a viper the moment it appears in our mentality. Hit the hydra-headed monster (the lie) as soon as it appears, with the positive statement, "You are a lie. Get to where you belong. There is no truth in you. There is only God. and God is fullness of good, life, joy, peace, now and forever."

The absolute truth is there is no real lack anywhere,

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but a waiting abundance of every kind of good that man call possibly desire or conceive of. Stop believing the lie. Stop speaking it. Speak the Truth. It is the spoken Truth that makes manifest.

In the domain of Spirit there is neither time nor space. What is to be and already is must be spoken into visibility. Practice thinking and realizing omnipresence, that is, practice realizing that all good that you desire is here now, all-present; it is not apart from you and its coming to you does not require time. There is no time or space.

There is not God and -- a body.

There is not God and -- circumstance.

There is not God and -- any sort of trouble.

There is only God, through and through and through all things, in our body, in our seemingly empty purses, in all our circumstances, just waiting as invisible Spirit substance, for us to recognize and acknowledge Him, and Him only, in order to become visible. All else is a lie.

God is.

God is all.

God is manifest, because there is nothing else to manifest.

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