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How I Used Truth - Lesson 6 - Annotation 2

How I Used Truth - Lesson 6 - Annotation 2

Why do we sometimes feel that we are "empty-handed"?

2. There may be times when we feel that we are "empty-handed" (as mentioned on pages 65 and 68 of the text). This is because at the moment we may be experiencing some lack of good in our life -- in mind, body, or affairs. This lack of some manifest good makes us feel separated from God, the source of all good. We may experience frustration in our desire to give some form of good to another. However, if we continue to feel empty-handed" we will be guilty of the very attitude Jesus warned us against when He said,

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment (John 7:24).

To feel "empty-handed" is an indication that we are "empty-minded" or unconscious of the rich ideas of God that are the basis for the fulfillment of any need. In reality, we are never without the ideas of God, as they are part of our spiritual nature. However, unless we are conscious of them, to all intents and purposes they do not exist for us. It is like having a treasure buried beneath the surface of the earth. If we do not know of it, we make no effort to dig for it.

The miser, on the other hand, may have plenty of money and possessions. But, not knowing the truth behind them, he is "empty-minded" and "empty-handed" for he fears to share with others. He is not really in possession of good because he does not possess in mind the reality back of it -- the ideas that have produced the outer forms. The reasons for the feeling of "empty-handedness" may be as varied as the individuals experiencing a sense of "emptiness." In the over-all picture, the reason is lack of understanding of how to find fulfillment through prayer. An individual may feel "empty-handed" because he believes that he stands alone, apart from God and his fellow man. Fears may keep some of us feeling empty-handed." Whatever the reason for this feeling, back of it is the belief in one's lack of power to achieve, a sense of inefficiency and of limitation.

To become aware of our true nature, of our relationship to God, is to become conscious that we have limitless spiritual capacities to replace any belief in "emptiness." With such a consciousness we will know that as sons of God we are heirs to freedom, dominion, satisfaction, full-handedness. Then our hands are filled with the spiritual gifts of God. The hand, being the "doer," gives forth what the mind has conceived of as the blessings of God.

If we are conscious of the Truth, though we may seem to have no outer forms of good to share, we can "give" of God's blessings. With a heart overflowing with God's love we may "hand out" health to the sick or wealth to the poor. We may give happiness to the unhappy, peace and comfort to the sorrowing, wisdom to the seeker after Truth. Since each one must accept God's gifts for himself, we need feel no responsibility once we have spiritually and mentally given the "treasures of heaven" or the rich ideas of God to another.

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