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How I Used Truth - Lesson 4 - Annotation 1

How I Used Truth - Lesson 4 - Annotation 1

What fact seems particularly difficult for one person to remember in regard to another?

1. Until spiritual enlightenment comes, it seems difficult to remember that all persons are created equal; that God has implanted His Spirit (I AM, or Christ) in every human being. Each of us is responsible for living his own life as he sees it; but always we must have regard for the rights of our fellow men.

The text points out on page 4-7 that while we may grasp the truth that God is working in us individually, "we quite forget that the same God is working equally in our brother." The starting point in our own unfoldment of the divine pattern (or God's will) in us must be the realization that all of us are here on this planet for a purpose. Through study and time spent in prayer, we gain new understanding. We see that just as the purpose of any seed is to reproduce itself, so we, as the "seed of God," are here to reproduce our true Self. This true Self is the God nature in us, our own indwelling Lord or law of our being.

"Every man must live by the Lord of his own being. It is this that makes each person unique in all the world" (Soul Power 16).

The text reminds us also on page 47 that our basic statement is "All is good, because all is God." We understand by this that essentially there is only good because

"There is but one Presence and one Power in the universe, God the good omnipotent,"

no matter what limited or error conditions may be apparent. We find this statement to be founded on Principle -- God -- therefore it is immutable, unchangeable. It refers just as much to God's Presence and Power in man as it does to the universe itself. Just because an individual may be experiencing sickness, lack, inharmony is no indication that God, as his own indwelling Lord, is not with him. Rather it means that in his endeavor to unfold the divine image within, he has been working in a limited human way instead of seeking the guidance of the indwelling Lord. A man may fall, but he can rise again, and the greatest help we can give him is our prayer. We can provide the compassion and understanding that will inspire him to turn consciously to God.for the help he needs to fulfill his life.

We must not, however, assume from this that we are not to have loving concern about other persons. When we are willing to recognize that there is but one indwelling Spirit in every man, we begin to realize that we are unified in that Spirit. Our love reaches out in understanding so that we become open channels through which God may do His work. Many times the greatest service we can render is to wait in silence and hold to the Truth for another person. The "hands off" policy is not intended to make us indifferent or uninterested. Knowing the Fatherhood of God, we become increasingly aware of the brotherhood of man. Inspired by such a realization, we will be eager and willing to do whatever our own indwelling Lord leads us to do in helping others.

While all of us have gratitude for those who have helped us along the pathway of Truth, we often feel a sense of rebellion when someone seeks to force spiritual study on us. In her healing ministry, Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, wrote many letters that helped people to lay hold of the Truth. On page 97 of her Healing Letters, she wrote to one person desiring help for another:

"We are asking you to place him confidently in the care and keeping of his own indwelling Lord and to take your mental hands off! ... So long as you are trying to force something into him, you keep his attention divided, and he doesn't really get within and quiet enough to let his own soul commune with God .. . The spiritual light . . . will reveal to him the right relation of things spiritual and things manifest. And he will see clearly how the right mental attitude and physical poise and health will result in instant and constant progress and prosperity and satisfaction. You can't give him this. . . . It is the free gift of the Father within him." (Healing Letters 97)

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