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How I Used Truth - Lesson 6 - Annotation 7

How I Used Truth - Lesson 6 - Annotation 7

What is meant by the statement in the text (page 67), "'Only say the word' of giving"?

7. "Only say the word" is the statement made by the centurion to Jesus (recorded in Matthew 8:8) when he came seeking healing for his servant. Recognizing the spiritual authority of Jesus, the centurion said, "Only say the word, and my servant shall be healed" (Matt. 8:8). When we relate such a statement to giving, we need to consider what it is we seek to give. We are sons of God, thus heirs to all of His good in the form of ideas. As sons, we are co-workers with God, and we "give" or bring these ideas into expression in the manifest world.

"God said" is recorded in the first chapter of Genesis as the manner in which God brought forth His creation, or His process of "giving." We follow the same process. When we use the expression, "Only say the word," we are referring not only to that which is spoken audibly, through the lips, but also to that which is expressed silently in the mind (conscious thinking and subconscious feeling). The text (page 67) states, "'Only say the word' of giving" (How I Used Truth 67). In other words, when we declare, silently or audibly, with deep feeling, the Truth of God, of man, of the universe, we are actually "giving" the Truth. The word speaking in its generally accepted use describes the actual audible uttering of words by sounds in order to convey ideas to others. However, the communication of ideas may be also by the written word, or by the silent word. In the final analysis, speaking is the assembling of the elements, or ideas, of the spiritual kingdom, into a definite, clear concept that meets a specific need. The "speaking" will be done audibly, silently, or by written word according to the requirement.

In the incident in Jesus' ministry referred to in this Annotation, the centurion expressed his faith in Jesus to "say the word" yet we have no record of Jesus audibly saying a word of healing for the servant. The Scripture records that:

"When Jesus heard it, he marvelled" (Matt. 8:10).

"And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And the servant was healed in that hour" (Matt. 8:13).

Webster's dictionary gives as one of the many meanings of speak, "To express or declare in any manner." The request made to Jesus by the centurion, "Only say the word," called forth His "giving" of health by silent declaration of Truth. The centurion then had to accept the word of healing by faith.

Recognizing our hands as the "hand of God" we, too, are able to say the word of Truth and thus mentally "give" to others the good we know to be their divine birthright. In the opening of the chapter for Lesson Six, the author points out that all of us have felt that if we had more money we could "relieve anxiety and distress" or "give a lucrative position to this one needing work, freedom to that one wanting release from material bondage" (How I Used Truth 65). We come eventually to recognize that the process of affirmation is the channel for this "giving." We see why we need to go consciously into God's presence in prayer in order to let Him first give us that which we would share with others. What He gives, primarily, are His rich ideas that, spoken forth, will replace anxiety and distress with faith and understanding. A place of service will open to one seeking employment. One who needs it will be granted freedom from fears, wrong habits, or any type of material bondage.

Referring again to the realization Doctor Cady had of her hands as the "hand of God": She was speaking the word of "giving" when she said

"'Here is your freedom. It is God's gift; wake up and take it; get up and go forth; you are free'" (How I Used Truth 67).

This is a graphic illustration of "Only speak the word" which was the centurion's request to Jesus. However, it is far more than just words, no matter how positive or how true. The act of speaking the word is the "giving" of spiritual blessings from a consciousness anchored in the Presence of God.

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