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Unity Ordination Photo 1983

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Unity Ordination Photo 1983
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1983 were (alphabetical order): Victoria A Abrams; Dianne Alford Allen; Donald E. Allen (Deceased 6/30/1984); Martha C. (Pat) Barker; Laura Sue Barrett (Bennett); Vesta Marjorie Barth; Hermes Jose (Herrera) Bernard; Warren Dale Blackford; Lois E. Caldwell; Eleanor Biggers Campbell (Deceased 5/10/2001); Christopher Ian Chenoweth; Ronald Damion Coleman, Jr.; Tim Cook; Katherine Cooke; Donald C. Crooks; Judith Lee Crooks; Joanne Margaret Dator; Mario DeFerrari; Kathryn C. DeMougin; Kathy (Carver) Ellicott; Claudette J. Farone (Deceased 7/2/1999); Etta W. Farrior; Ronald T. Field; Mary Ann Finch; Donna Marie Foreman; Mike J. Fotheringham; Billie Freeman (Deceased 1/29/1993); Barry Keith Grieve; Gary Norman Griffith; Mercedes R. Hill; MelVera Jeanne Hinton-Brown; Gordon B. Hosbrook; Robert Grover Hudson; Vera H. Jenkins; Harold Hazen Johnson; William Forrest King; Jacqueline A. Leccia; Betty Marie Lelly; Shirley A. LeVere; June C. Miller; Norma R. Montero; Audre M. Morgan; Catherine Jean Norman; John Charles Pearsall; Allen Quay; Anne Duncan Quay; Ruth E Raun; Helen Deora Saunders; Judith Ann Sherman; Harry Maurice Smit; Leila M. Thompson; Festus A. Umeojiego; Wanda Anita Umeojiego; Maria T. Vasquez; Alfreda A. Williams; Maurice Williams; Albert Harold Wingate; Nancy M. Wire.

Tentative Names:

Front Row (Left to right):__________, _____________, ___________, Mary Ann Finch, Wanda Anita Umeojiego, Harry Maurice Smit, Claudette J. Farone, Carol Amos, Etta W. Farrior, Donald C. Crooks; Judith Lee Crooks; Tim Cook, Ronald Damion Coleman, Jr.

Second Row: Teacher, Teacher, Kathy (Carver) Ellicott; Anne Duncan Quay, Leila M. Thompson; Mario DeFerrari; Festus A. Umeojiego, _________, William Forrest King, _______, ______, Laura Sue Barrett (Bennett); Jacqueline A. Leccia, Gary Norman Griffith; MalVera Jeanne Hinton-Brown, ____________, __________,

Third Row: __________, Christopher Ian Chenoweth; (After Chris there is kinda a split of rows and there are two people a little higher than Chris…so I am counting that as the 4th row. So there is a space and then there is a lady with a white suit and a burgundy blouse ______________, Hermes Jose (Herrera) Bernard, Victoria A. Abrams, Gordon B. Hosbrook; Lois E. Caldwell, Mike J. Fotheringham; Katherine Cooke; Alfreda A. Williams; Catherine Jean Norman; Ruth E Raun; Helen Saunders;

Forth Row: ____________, Warren Dale Blackford; Barry Keith Grieve; Allen Quay; Maurice Williams; Robert Grover Hudson; John Charles Pearsall; Albert Harold Wingate; Vera H. Jenkins; Donald E. Allen