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Unity Ordination Photo 1979

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Unity Ordination Photo 1979
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1979 were (alphabetical order): Earl H. Andersen; Richard W. Andrews (Deceased 10/21/1999); Eunice Laverne Chagnon; Marleen Fay Davis; Alice Carol Durksen; David James Durksen; Clarence A. (Eddy) Edwards; James A. Fisher; Josephine B. Foster; Jaqualyn Hope Fries; James Arthur Gaither; Joan M. Gattuso-Lear; Helen C. Glover; Kent D. Kessinger; Rebecca Lynne; Rene' N. Pare'; Ronel E. Sinstead; Sallye J. Taylor; Geraldine T. Weeks; Edwene Gaines; Mark B. Yarnell.

Class of 1979 - left to right in each row
Front row: Rebecca Lynn, Hope Taylor-Fries, Geraldine Weeks, Jo Foster, Sallye J. Taylor
Second row: Paul Barrett (Director of Education), Earl Andersen, Marlene Davis, David Durksen, Alice Durksen, Eddy Edwards, Eunice Chagnon, Rene Pare, Jack Boland (President, AUC)
Third row: Kent Kessinger, Joan Gattuso, James Gaither, Mark B. Yarnell, Edwene Gaines, Richard Andrews, Alana Woods (formerly Helen Glover), James Fisher, Ronel Sinstead