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Unity Ordination Photo 1906

1906 Unity Ordinations

Mrs. E. Dodge Carson

graphic of unknown person

Little is known about Mrs. E. Dodge Carson except that she lived in St. Louis, was involved in the prohibition of alcohol and spoke on "Soul Freedom" at a Unity service with Lowell Fillmore

Edna Lee Carter

graphic of unknown person

Edna Carter was an important early writer for Unity. She wrote Preserving the Unity of Soul and Body, which was later attributed to Charles Fillmore.

Jennie H. Croft

Jennie H. Croft, Unity Minister

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Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore

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Myrtle Fillmore

Myrtle Fillmore

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J. Gilbert Murray

graphic of unknown person

The January 1907 issue of Unity magazine has an advertisement that reads: "Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Murray, Teachers and Healers. Present or absent treatments. Correspondence, both German and English. 90 S. Union St. Rochester N.Y.

Charles Edgar Prather

Charles Edgar Prather, Unity Minister

Cassius A. Shafer

Cassius A. Shafer, Unity Minister

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May D. Wolzak

graphic of unknown person

May D. Wolzak is listed in the 1910 Federal Census records with an occupation of "Healer."