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Unity Ordination Photo 1964

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Unity Ordination Photo 1964
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1964 were (alphabetical order): Lee Alberts (Deceased 3/2/1990); Thelma M. Bean (Deceased 1977); Thomas C. Boswell (Deceased 10/1987); Elizabeth Ann Burgle; Helen L. Clark (Deceased 4/1/1974); C. Berton Coffey; Everett A. Dell (Deceased 8/3/1974); Bette C. DeTurk (Deceased 11/22/1994); William F. Fletcher; Dorothea M. Fowler (Deceased 1999); Eulah Fayeth Fox; Donald C. Gates; Jessica M. Gowan (Deceased 1979); V. Stanford Hampson; Bessie Hay Harting; Effie Marie Johnson; Crystal M. Leonard; Eleanor Pierce Marshall; Onita A. Meyer; Herbert Johnson Nicklin; Awa Njoku, Sr.; Samuel Uba Oti; Glade H. Powell (Deceased 11/15/1984); Jeanne E. Ramage (Jorgenson); John D. Rankin; Russell E. Smith, Jr.; Yvonne Dee Havellond Steiner (Deceased 9/13/1967); Mary H. Stovin; Zelpha P. Thompson (Deceased 3/24/1978); Herta H. Tuntland; Philip Warren White; Josephine Wilson (Deceased 1/15/1985); Candida M. Wright.

Two African American men are in the photo. If you can identify them please click here for the man in the second row (left) or click here for the man in the first row (right) and leave a comment.