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Unity Ordination Photo 1968 (UMA)

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Unity Ordination Photo 1968 (UMA)
Copyright Unity Library and Archives; Used by Permission

There were two ordination classes in 1968 — those ordained by Unity School and those ordained by the Association of Unity Churches.

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1968 by the Unity School were: Howard L. Armstrong; May Armstrong; Jean C. Beggs, (Deceased 2/28/1992); Jean Bould (Deceased 1/22/1978); Doris L. Caldwell (Deceased 4/16/1986); Alma R.Coleman; Marie Cruz; Franco Giudici (Deceased 6/20/2010); Frank Hanson (Deceased 12/9/1981); Virginia Hinners; Joyce Kramer; Rudy Leidig; Charles D. Lelly; Charlene T. Linnell (Deceased 5/1/1977); Phil Nicola; Lula B. Nute (Deceased 2/25/1973); Thomas J. Skalitzky (Deceased 3/2009); Robert L. Stevens; Sadye Thomas; Hazel W. Van Dusen (Deceased 7/3/1978).

From July 1968 Contact magazine:

front Row: May Rowland, Doris Caldwell, Alma Colemon, Marie Cruz, Sadye Thomass, Charles Lelly, Margaret Conn, Hazel Van Dusen, May Armstrong, Virginia Hinners, Jean Bould, and Lowell Fillmore.

econd Row: Jean Beggs, Charlene Linnell, Lula Nute, Rudy Leidig, Howard Armstrong, Thomas Skalitzky, Joyce Kramer, and Robert Stevens.