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Unity Continuing Education Photo 1968

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Unity Continuing Education Photo 1968
Copyright Unity Library and Archives; Used by Permission

There were two ordination photos displayed in the Education building for 1968 — those ordained by Unity School and those in the continuing education class for 1968. Note: For some reason John and Pat Anderson are not listed in a spreadsheet that lists ordained Unity ministers.

Ministers in this photo are:
First row: ____________, ______________, Pat Anderson
Second row: ____________, ___________, ____________, John Anderson.

Later research has come up with the following names of those who are in the photo:

  • Jim Heinekamp, ordained in August 1968
  • Glenn Kaufman,
  • John Anderson,
  • Marie Paben,
  • Frank Guidici, ordained in August 1968
  • Patricia Anderson, Ordained 1989