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Unity Ordination Photo 1972

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Unity Ordination Photo 1972
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

SMRS GRADUATING CLASS - APRIL 11, 1974 (Note: the year 1974 must be a typo)

Front Row - (Left to Right) - Jacklyn Buboltz; Robert P. Sikking, Executive Director; Dorothy Pierson, President of the Association of Unity Churches and ordaining officer; William L. Fischer, Director of Ministerial Education; Marnie Stewart.

Back Row (Left to Right) - Carlton Buboltz; Marcus Buckley; Dan Douglas; Paul Carrithers; John Morrow.

Unity Ordination Photo Back 1972

Note: A spreadsheet provided by Unity Archives that lists the following people ordained in Unity in 1972. However most of them appear in the 1973 ordination photo. Names in alphabetical order are:

Robert E. Barth; Marjorie C. Kass; William A. Kozy; Robert L. Marshall; Robert T. Means; Ernest B. (Ernie) Milleur; David N. Monument; Luis Mora; Carol C. Nash; Betty W. Owers; James E. Parkinson; Gregory E. Penn; G. Mary Rowe; Elmer A. Schmidt Jr.; Dorothy M. Sharpley; James A. Sherman; John R. Sherman; Brown H. Stewart; Paul Stewart; Marion Sylvester; Rod Tally; Walter Tooke; David Travis; Dona L. Unfried; Wesley V. Wallin; Barbara M. Williams (Deceased 11/7/1974).