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Unity Ordination Photo 1959

1959 Ordination Photo

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Unity Ordination Photo 1959
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1959 were (alphabetical order): Dale F. Batesole; Katharine Gray Bosworth (Deceased 12/1989); Carol Marie Guental (Deceased 7/5/1983); Marietta Theresa Ide (Deceased 4/29/1985); Charles E. Korfhage; Mary L. Kupferle (Deceased 4/17/2003) (likely to be top row, 2nd from right); Conchita Melendez (Deceased 6/28/1983); Lucile B. Miller; Charles Allen Neal; Lee R. Norment (Deceased 10/1988); Ronald N. Potter; William B. Prints (Deceased 10/26/1969); Ruth Laura Seaton; Gilberta A. Sommer; Eugene N. Sorflaten; Irene Wetzel; Winifred Wilkinson (Hausmann) (likely to be front row, 2nd from right).

1959 Unity Ministerial Students (estimated year)

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1959 Unity Ministerial Students