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Unity Ordination Photo 1973

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Unity Ordination Photo 1973
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Front Row - Left to Right - Dorothy Sharpley, Marion Sylvester, Marjorie Kass, Mary Rowe, Sandy Cousens, Dona Unfried, Betty Owers, Carol Nash, Maryellen Bowe, Marion Brown.

Back Row - Left to Right - Grover Thornsberry , Greg Penn, Roy Fox, John Sherman, David Travis, Pat Berryhill, Luis Mora, Jim Sherman, Robert Marshall, Brown Stewart, Jim Freeman (Faculty) and Bill Fischer.

Unity Ordination Photo Back 1973

Note: A spreadsheet provided by Unity Archives that lists people ordained in Unity has many of these people as being ordained in 1972. Go to the ordination photo page for 1972 to see those names.

The same spreadsheet has the following ministers ordained in Unity in 1973 (alphabetical order): Richard Ammons; Patrick G. Berryhill; Mary Alice Brown; Margaret I. Conn; Ardath Drew Dixon (Deceased 1/2/1980); William Craig Esslinger; Connie Haines; Duane E. Hardy; (Deceased 12/28/1984); Dan Kellerstrass; James Chris Morgan; Scott Thornton; Harold Whaley (Deceased 1/13/1985); Phillip W. White