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Unity Ordination and Ministerial Student Photos 1958

1958 Ordination Photo

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Unity Ordination Photo 1958
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1958 were (alphabetical order): Robert W. C. Burke; Clifford R. Carpenter (Deceased Fall 1980); Gladys Putman Clarke (Deceased 1/2/1987); Johnnie Colemon (top row, 4th person); Imogene L. Elliott; Norman B. Godfrey; Neil Frank Hax; Aelola A. James; June Jones; Robert T. Kehoe (Deceased 1979); Marguerite Landis (Meyer); Jess H. McGuire; Carroll P. Moore; William Nevil; Herbert L. Penn; Mary E. Powell; Edward Rabel (2nd row, far right); Writa Viola Ransford (Deceased 2/18/1977); Arthur L. Sikking (Deceased 3/5/1969); Marjorie Staudenmaier (Deceased 7/28/1988); Sarah N. Switzer (Deceased 11/1982); Merton A. Thorpe (likely to be 2nd person in 2nd row); Catherine Ponder (1st row, 2nd from right); J. Karl Wagner; Curtis F. Wilson.

1958 Unity Ministerial Students (estimated year)

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1958 Unity Ministerial Students

1958 Christmas Unity Ministerial Students Association

Download JPG of 1958 Christmas Unity Ministerial Students Association (Higher Resolution)

1958 Christmas Unity Ministerial Students Association

First Row: Bill Aull, Ken Tiffany, Chase Willet, Phillip M. Pierson, Norm Olsson, Luis Molinari
Second Row: George E. Stone, Grover Thornsberry, Daniel J. Perin, Joel Boehr, Mar Hudson, Paul J. Bridwell, Jr. Harvey S. Jacobs, George Borgeson, Naohiko Ide, John David Davenport, Lloyd S. Gibbs, Robert E. Nutter, Bill Newenhisen, Jack D. Kern
Back Row: Esteban Rodriguez, David Williamson, Thomas Neil Hopper, James C. Lewis, Glenn Mosley