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Unity Ordination Photo 1976

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Unity Ordination Photo 1976
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Top Row, standing, left to right: John Strickland, Joyce Kramer (our ordaining minister), Brendan O'Keefe, John Salunek, Roger Tiffany, Bob Barth, Frank Koehler, Jack Groverland, Howard Caesar, Don Clark, Phil Smedstad, MIke Cahall, Floyd Howard, Jim Peterson, Jim Rosemergy, Glenn Robinson, David King, Bill Fischer (Director of Ministerial School).

Middle Row, seated Left to right: Connie Fillmore, Thelma Hembroff, Sue Ellen Kelly, Jo Harris, Adrienne Thomas, Susan Down, Rebecca Clark, Rosita Friedman, Edie Skalitzky

Front Row, seated: Nancy Steinfelt-Taylor, Maria Sandoval, Pearl Davis, Nita Buckley, Carolyn Pryor, Shirley Byrns, Marilou Smith, Barry Knowles

I did not see Tom Witherspoon in the picture, but he was the class President, and an author of Myrtle Fillmore: mother of Unity

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1976 were (alphabetical order): Robert R. Barth; Juanita Buckley; Shirley J. Byrns; Howard E. Caesar; John Michael Cahall; Donald Woods Clark (Deceased 1/6/1985); Lillie Rebecca Clark-Connell; Pearl M. Davis; Susan Jane Downs; Rosita M. Friedman; Jack Groverland; Jo Harris; Thelma J. Hembroff; Floyd Ira Howard (Deceased 11/9/1986); Sue Ellen Kelly; John David King; Frank Koehler; Connie Fillmore McCarty; Brendan J. O'Keefe; Jim R. Peterson; Glenn Robinson; Jim Rosemergy; John Edward Salunek; Marina Pardo Sandoval; Edith F. Skalitzky; Phillip Lester Smedstad; Marilou Roberta Smith; John Arthur Van Strickland; Nancy Steinfelt Taylor; Adrienne L. Thomas; Roger J. Tiffany; Thomas E Witherspoon.