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Unity Ordination Photo 1974

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Unity Ordination Photo 1974
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission


FRONT ROW (Left to Right): Pierre Gallardo; Richard Dawson; Eugene Connor; J. Christian Morgan; Donald Jennings; Andres Lucas; Conrad Stahl; Gerald Taylor

SECOND ROW (Left to Right): William L. Fischer, Director of Ministerial Education; Dana Voght; Jacqueline M. Neal; Linda Turner; Margaret Baker; Lora MeAfee; Louise Peak; Betty White; Phyllis Jamison; Hypatia Noordwal Hileman-Hasbrouck; Gladys Morris and Robert L. Stevens, San Diego, Calif., Ordaining Officer.

THIRD ROW (Left to Right): Kathleen Yates; J. Robert Dawson; Carl Reams; Randolph Schmelig; George Rieger; Florence Kellogg; Randolph Wilkinson; John MacDonald; David Large and Eve Powers.

Unity Ordination Photo Back 1974

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1974 were (alphabetical order): Margaret E. Baker; Carlton P. Buboltz; Jacklyn Kay Buboltz; Marcus Wilson Buckley (Deceased 6/8/1998); Paul Norman Carrithers; Abbott Eugene Connor; James Robert Dawson; Richard Thomas Dawson; Daniel W. Douglas; Pierre Andre Gallardo; Hypatia Noordwal Hileman-Hasbrouck; Phyllis Jamison; Donald R. Jennings (Deceased 8/1/2008); Florence L. Kellogg; David T. Large; Andres Delorian Lucas; John Rodger MacDonald; Lora Lee McAfee; James Christian Morgan (Deceased 3/30/1978); Gladys A. Morris; John Michael Morrow; ; Louise Peak; Eve Powers; Carl D. Reams; George R. Rieger (Deceased 2008); Randolph O. (Randy) Schmelig; Conrad Maurice Stahl (Deceased 8/25/1975); Marnie Llin Stewart; Gerald L. Taylor; Dana Jean Voght; Betty White; Randolph Alwin (Randy) Wilkinson; Kathleen Rose Yates