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Unity Ordination Photo 1943

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Unity Ordination Photo 1943
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1943 were (alphabetical order): John Lee Baughman (Deceased 11/19/1990); Alice Fillmore; Jessie Gable; Laura Hyer; Maud H. Kellogg (Deceased 3/21/1965); Lillian M. Matthews (Deceased 7/25/1982); Roxie G. Miller (Deceased 4/15/1972); Elise M. Rosenbert (Deceased 1/22/1989); Mina Stevenson (Deceased 5/31/1961).


Note: There is another photograph from 1943 in Unity Village, by Tom Taylor and published by Arcadia Publishing, which shows a "training school graduating class" of all women. I am including it here, but I do not understand how this class differs from the one shown above. Please let me know if you do. Thanks!

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Unity Training School Photo 1943
Copyright Tom Taylor, Used by Permission

Left to right: Dr. R. LeRoy Dale, teacher; Unity president Lowell Fillmore; Velma Hoffman; Nora Esgate; Berta Prentice; Lorena V. Greene; Harriett Sunday; Mary Donnelly Huck; Bessie L. De May; Charles Fillmore; and Cora Dedrick Fillmore.