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Unity Ordination Photo 1934

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Unity Ordination Photo 1934
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission
Unity Ordinations List1934

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1934 were (alphabetical order): Ida M. Bailey (Deceased 9/8/1951); Ethel Jane Crouch (Deceased 1957); Irwin Edwin Gregg; Mary Hider; Jessie Gardner Maloney; Laura McBride; Louis Edwin Meyer (Deceased 12/5/2000); Mary Antoinette Myles; Margaret Norwood; Ella Pomeroy (Deceased 1958); Nell Truesdell; Ernest C. Wilson (Deceased 7/9/1982).

It appears that the photographer had this group line up in alphabetical order. If so, Ernest Wilson is missing and Cora and Charles Fillmore are to the right.