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Unity Ordination Photo 1944

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Unity Ordination Photo 1944
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission


Fannie A Baldwin, Ruby I Wagner, Nettie S. Wyatt, Louise C Beaty, William Quinn, Maud McCullough, Blance T Evans, Alice A Cronley, Ruth B Gilpin (Johnston), Rose A Schneider

Unity Ordination Photo Back 1944

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1944 were (alphabetical order): Fannie A. Baldwin (Deceased 2/4/1975); Louise C. Beaty (Deceased 12/5/1979); Alice A Cronley (Deceased 11/17/1992); Rose Emery (Deceased 1979); Blanche T. Evans (Deceased 1972); James (Freedman) Freeman (Deceased 4/9/2003); Ruth B Gilpin (Johnston) (Deceased 1950); Marguerite Harnden; Cleo Lee; Maud M. McCulloch (Deceased 1959); Harriet Pfouts (Deceased 12/24/1960); William Quinn (Deceased 10/4/1977); Rose A. Schneider; Elsie Shaw (Deceased 12/28/1987); Ruby I. Wagner (Deceased 2/10/1985); Kathryn Boyce (Deceased 1952).