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Unity Ordination Photo 1960

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Unity Ordination Photo 1960
Copyright Unity Library and Archives, Used by Permission

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1960 were (alphabetical order): Joel W. Boehr (later Joel W. Baehr); George Borgeson; Miki L. Bowen; Kenneth E. Brabeau; Catherine G Brooks (Deceased 12/23/1990); Thomas I. Coates; Louise Gerhold (Deceased 11/8/1961); Lloyd S. Gibbs; George Edward Hilbert (Deceased 4/9/2002); Thomas Neil Hopper; Ruth Given Jacques; Cecil Harman Lake (Deceased 9/1/1988); James C. Lewis; Ferne H. Mack; Myrtle Moore (Deceased 1/29/1965); Marie Munro (Deceased 1/31/1969); Norman V. Olsson; Ross Clayton Peeler; Phillip M. Pierson; Josephine B Siemon (Deceased 2/6/1963); Gladys M. Spaulding (Deceased 12/23/1984); Mamie F. Spencer; Ken Tiffany; David C. Williamson.

Missing from the picture is Lois E. Anderson.

If you can identify either of the African American women in the front row, please click to for the first woman or click to for the second woman and leave a comment.