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Merton Thorpe

Merton A. Thorpe Unity Minister ordained in 1958
Ordained in 1958
Merton A. Thorpe Unity Minister in 1976
Merton Thorpe in 1976

Merton A. Thorpe was ordained in 1958. Rev. Thorpe was the Minister of Unity of Greater Hartford for 40 years until his retirement in 1996. He was a graduate of the Unity School of Christianity, Lee Summit, MO. This page is a placeholder for a future profile.

Click here to hear Merton Thorpe speak at Unity of NYC, circa 1986. Thank you, Philip DiCostanzo, for sending me this audio file. Philip writes, “Dear Mark: I have in my Butterworth @ Lincoln Center tape archives a lecture by Merton Thorpe that is a Unity classic, titled, “Hold it” ( Circa 1986 ). Merton Thorpe would give several lectures every year while Eric and Olga were away on vacation. He was funny, insightful, and had a very unique way of delivering the message of Truth. Eric and Olga really were fond of him.”