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Ed Rabel

Ed Rabel - Unity Teacher

Who was Ed Rabel?

Ed Rabel was ordained a minister in 1958. It was Ed Rabel who co-authored the original course course guide we now know as Metaphysics I and Metaphysics II. And I have been told that, for quite a while after the passing of Charles Fillmore, Unity did not emphasize teaching the Twelve Powers until Ed Rabel began to show how the depth of the Twelve Powers teaching could transform consciousness. And he is certainly one of the top 2-3 Metaphysical Bible teachers to come out of Unity. He was almost certainly the anonymous author of the USRS Bible Interpretation, which is still used in Unity's ministerial school.

One Unity minister told me that he was Unity's "resident Yoda." Another has told me that he was a masterful teacher, far funnier and engaging than is apparent  in this video series, but which is evident in the faces of the many students we see when the camera was turned to the audience. Another Unity minister and teacher shared with me that,

"Ed knew Charles quite well and understood him, and when he spoke about the Fillmorean teachings, he talked with great authority. He also resembled Charles physically and on occasion, would delight his students by mimicking Charles' voice and mannerisms!"

It's obvious that his legacy lives on in the work of the many ministers he helped train at Unity school. Claudette Farone has left us a wonderful interview and biography of Ed Rabel. I hope you will read it. He was a great metaphysician and teacher.

How Ed Rabel's legacy lives on

So as far as I can tell, it was one guy who framed the way we now teach Metaphysics, who revived Unity's teaching of the Twelve Powers and who 40 years ago set the standard for Unity's Metaphysical Bible Study. 

Well, now, if you are a Unity minister or spiritual leader, you now have over 100 Sunday lessons to glean from Ed Rabel's 1976 New Testament Lectures. These lessons are reminiscent of the deep spiritual insights of Maurice Nicoll, who inspired Ed and who's spiritual insights are evident in Ed's talks. Ed captured the imagination of a generation of Unity ministerial students with his insights, and so can any licensed teacher or minister who reads the transcript of these lessons.

Again, it has been a dedicated team of transcribers who have provided clean text so that more of Unity's priceless teachings show up in Internet searches for a new generation of Metaphysical Bible Truth students. Go here to see more about the transcribers. A special thanks goes out to my friend and colleague in New Mexico who has done so much to bring back these priceless lessons.

Thank you, Ed Rabel. Your blessings continue.