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Nell Truesdell

Nell Truesdell, Unity Minister ordained in 1934

Nell Truesdell was ordained a minister in 1934. The 1936 Unity Annual Conference Yearbook has a listing for: Truesdell, Alden J., Omaha, Omaha Unity Center, 423 Electric Bldg. Open Daily—N—M, Phone Jads 7346, SS 10 a.m.—S 11 a.m. The ordination list does not have a listing for Alden or Allen Truesdell.

According to an online article in, Allan Truesdale (d. 1985) and Nell Truesdell (d. 1971) founded The Christ Truth League in 1938 as an independent ministry and fellowship of students seeking what they believed to be the right application of the law of life as taught and lived by Jesus Christ. The Truesdells were closely aligned with the teachings of Harley Bradley Jeffery (1872-1954). After Jeffery's death, the Truesdells acquired rights to his works and, for more than 30 years, carried on his ministry, published his books, and saw to their distribution.

The Truesdells were succeeded by Dr. Robert Applegate, who became the current minister and president of the league. They published the magazine Spiriticity. The league was a member of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA).

The league is a free fellowship with no formal membership. There was one center, in Fort Worth, Texas, where Sunday services and weekly classes are offered. There was also an affiliated work in Benin, Nigeria, and the Philippines.