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Metaphysical meaning of separation (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of separation (rw)
separation from God--Man, being the offspring of God, has the power to create. He has used his privilege and created a realm of error thought, which separates him in consciousness from the Father.

separation of religion and state--Some statesmen and politicians urge the separation of religion and state because they do not understand the true character or mission of religion. The clergy are responsible for this misconception; they emphasize the saving of the soul, that it may be prepared to dwell happily in heaven after death. This teaching removes religion from its true field of work, which is making people better and happier here and now. As a result of this teaching that the greater rewards of religion will come after death, Christianity has been robbed of the major part of its power as a harmonizer of worldly affairs. Jesus did not promise rewards after death, but on the contrary, emphasized service in this world as the supreme thing. Mortal man thinks leadership is evidence of greatness, but Jesus taught that greatness is attained through service.

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