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Stan Hampson

Stan Hampson
Photo courtesy Palo Alto Historical Association

About Stan Hampson

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Max Lafser reflects on Stan Hampson

Most especially I want to love and acknowledge our Unity Minister, Reverend Stanford Hampson. His wonderful talks and heartfelt ministering to our congregation is WHY I ATTENDED and WHY I BENEFITED from my attendance.

Reverend Stan Hampson is a man of heart and meaning - and he gave of himself to all people in ways that made a difference. He inspired and motivated his congregation to think about and apply the principles of Jesus in their daily lives - and in doing this he gave his love and demonstrated his dedication. Reverend Stan Hampson brought more light to that Palo Alto Unity Church when he opened his heart to them each Sunday Service - and when he did he drew more people to attend - and they were blessed - as our family was blessed.

With Kindness and Love,
Lori Hanson

Lori Hanson Blog Post, Jan 15, 2010