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Holy Spirit Regeneration

Holy Spirit Regeneration Course Prepared by Unity School for Religious Studies
Holy Spirit Regeneration

Holy Spirit Regeneration
Prepared by:
Prayer Department
Unity School for Religious Studies
Revised 1993

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Here is an 77-page course that combines a study of the metaphysics of the Holy Spirit with Unity's teaching on regeneration, hence the name Holy Spirit Regeneration. It was written in 1993 by Debbie Tyson and given by the Unity School for Religious Studies.

The format for the course is the same as Unity's other books on Metaphysics — a series of extracted quotes from Unity classic writings, followed by commentary written by Debbie. The content, however, is more devotional and less analytical than our other Metaphysics material and it is focused on one topic, regeneration. So I have placed it in the Healing section on TruthUnity.

Debbie's introduction summarizes what you will get from this course:

Once the soul has surrendered to Divine Will, the Holy Spirit begins a deep purification work in the mental, emotional, and physical self which leads to transformation, regeneration, and eternal life in Christ consciousness. This course explores the depth of this purification process and the incredible journey of the ever-evolving soul.

This work by Debbie is very highly recommended by Ed Rabel in Lesson 10 of Metaphysics I (10H The Transformation Process). Click on the link to hear Ed's recommendation.

Debbie is now Diadra Price and her website is Wings of Spirit I hope you are blessed by this course. A companion course is Grace Awakening, also originally published in 1993 and available here on TruthUnity.

Happy Pentecost!
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