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6D: The Catalyst for Holy Spirit Baptism

"The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a quickening of the spiritual nature, which is reflected in intellect and in body. When one understands the science of Being, one is prepared to receive this baptism and to utilize it along deeper lines of thought" (The Twelve Powers of Man 61).

"You are Spirit, the Son of God, and your place is at the right hand of the Father. To realize this is to call down upon yourself the baptism of the Holy Spirit, after which you no longer labor as a carpenter, or as a fisher, but begin to gather together your disciples — powers of mind" (Talks on Truth 90).

"When you once have realized this truth, that God created man in His own image and after His likeness, that that man is pure and holy and perfect, you will get the descent of the Holy Spirit; you have got the baptism that is the real baptism. That is the baptism that counts" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 1 1928 21).

"All that the Holy Spirit needs is the invitation and when you call upon it the ideas, the wisdom, and the words come flowing through into expression" (May Rowland The Magic of the Word 167).

"All may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit if they will open their eyes to see, their ears to hear, and their hearts to pray" (Elizabeth Sand Turner Be Ye Transformed 12).

"The first step in every movement of the mind, and the body also, is belief or faith in that thing. If we didn't believe in the possibility of walking, we couldn't walk. Everything has its conception in the mind. We believe that there is a spiritual man; that that spiritual man is the higher man, the type man, the real man; but we must put that into active operation in the mind before we will demonstrate it" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 7 1912).

Understanding the science of being is simply becoming aware that God indwells every soul and that this Presence is drawing the soul into full real-"I"-zation. Recognition of our divinity, calling it forth from within and having complete faith in the inner power to reveal Itself is all that is necessary to evoke the Holy Spirit baptism. This requires steadfastness and devotion."