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Jesus Christ is Here Now

" 'But,' you say, 'Jesus Christ is gone.' I assure you that he has not gone. He is in our midst today. He has been seen again and again standing on this platform, and we absolutely know that he is in the fourth dimension, that he has a body. He has the same body that you would have if you reconstructed your body as he reconstructed his. I tell you that Jesus Christ is in our midst and that Jesus Christ is the head of the Unity work, the head of a greater work that is to fill the whole land" (Weekly Unity Aug 11, 1923 9).

"JESUS IS HERE IN HIS GLORIFIED BODY. As John saw him on the island of Patmos, so many are seeing him on this day. A number of persons have testified to seeing him in this chapel, and we believe their testimony. We see him and feel him and also have the assurance of his presence and guidance through other avenues. His body is not the lifeless astral form of those who died in negation, but is alive with dynamic energy and aglow with a supernatural light. Many of you will see Jesus before this conference is over. All may see him who have faith in and identify their minds with the omnipresent spiritual light which is radiating from his soul and body" (Weekly Unity Aug 11 1923 10).

"JESUS IS IN OUR MIDST AS THE VISIBLE HEAD AND LEADER OF THE UNITY SOCIETY. I say 'VISIBLE HEAD' because he is visible to those who have even come partially into 'the light which lighteth every man, coming into the world' " (Weekly Unity Aug 11 1923 10).

(The first three quotes were taken from the address of welcome given by Charles Fillmore at the Unity Conference and Healing Revival held in the current Fillmore Prayer Chapel on July 1 -14, 1928).

"Any declaration which man makes in which the name Jesus Christ is used reverently will contact the spiritual ether where the Christ I AM exists and will open the mind and body to the inflow of spiritual healing energy" (Unity Guide to Healing 29).

"Jesus did not go to a faraway heaven, there to abide to the great day of His 'Second Coming.' He explained again and again, in language that anyone who has even a slight understanding of the interrelation of spirit, soul, and body may comprehend, that He would continue to exist in the etheric realm that He called 'the heavens' " (Jesus Christ Heals 12).

"Jesus still lives in the spiritual ethers of this world and is in constant contact with those who raise their thoughts to Him in prayer" (Jesus Christ Heals 11).

"Christ incarnate in the flesh through Jesus offered His body as a life or electrical transformer. The atomic units of his body were sundered and sown as points of life and light in our mind and body atmosphere, to the end that anyone who concentrates his thoughts on Christ in faith will attract as a spiritual magnet one or many of His body atoms. These Christ atoms, appropriated by the individual, become food and drink and form the nucleus of a regenerated body for the person appropriating them" (Keep a True Lent 133).

"These life germs of Jesus' body form the nucleus of a new race organism for all people. All persons everywhere may partake of (eat) the radiant body (bread) of Jesus by exercising faith in Him as the great source of pure Spirit substance, sown as soul seed for the saving of humanity from sense consciousness" (Teach Us To Pray 68).

"Jesus at the Ascension broke His physical organism into its primal electrons or ions of substance and life, which He sowed as a body seed for all those who follow Him in the regeneration" (Keep a True Lent 26).

"The understanding that this very intimate relation exists between Jesus and His true followers is transforming the body of thousands of Christians who formerly labored under the thought that the new body in Christ was to be attained after death. 'I am the resurrection, and the life.' 'If a man keep my word, he shall never see death'" (Teach Us To Pray 69).

"He said that He must go, but in His place would come this Holy Spirit, and that it was expedient that He go ... You never have access to the mind of a personality, but if you would imagine that personality as dissolving his personality, lifting it up to a higher plane and broadcasting it so that everybody would have access to it, you would have, in a measure, a concept of what Jesus Christ did when He ascended into the heavens, when He broadcast the atoms, or the electrons, rather, of His body. They became the property of the whole race. He gave up His personal life, and that was a great sacrifice. We are appropriating those electrons, or those divine energies which He released" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 27 1929 19).

"Not only may one eat of this super-body substance but one may also drink through faith of His transcendent life. Such eating of His body and drinking of His life or blood is the Holy Communion of which sincere Christians partake daily" (Teach Us To Pray 69).

"In the process of developing out of the natural into the spiritual not only the mind but the body also is affected. The energy locked up in the cells of the physical are released and the body of flesh is transformed into a radiant body of light. This is a day-by-day transformation of the cells until the whole body is 'electrified' ... Jesus accomplished this transformation of His body and it became an electrical dynamo broadcasting life germs through our race consciousness. We are to follow Him in this transformation" (Teach Us To Pray 68).

"Jesus ushered into the race consciousness a thought atmosphere that we contact in the silence by just affirming in spirit and in truth the name 'Jesus Christ.' There is true magic in this name" (Teach Us To Pray 22).

As you can see, Charles Fillmore believed Jesus Christ to be a very real presence, the consciousness of which can be appropriated through prayer and meditation. By praying in the name of and calling on His actual spiritual presence to assist you in the regeneration, you will take quantum leaps in transformation. His awakened state has the power to awaken that same state in you and to lift you out of degeneration. An affirmation that Charles Fillmore often quoted to become conscious of the healing presence of Jesus Christ is as follows:

"Jesus Christ is now here, raising me to His super consciousness" (Christ Enthroned in Man 9).

We encourage you to use this affirmation often.