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5B: Symptoms of Illumined Intellect Baptism (Born of Water)

Repentance leading to Transformation

  1. Desire for change leading to Affirmations & denials
  2. Revelation of thoughts and feelings leading to Conscious awareness, "life is consciousness"
  3. Mental-emotional states leading to Mental-emotional healing:
    • victim leading to victor
    • out of control leading to in control
    • no self-esteem leading to self-worth
    • powerless leading to powerful
    • irresponsible leading to responsible
    • unloving leading to loving
  4. Physical eliminations leading to New life experiences:
    • old relationships
    • old environments
    • old jobs
    • old ideas
  5. Sorting out leading to Discernment
  6. Ongoing prayer leading to Forgiveness-substituting Truth for error