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7C: What To Expect On the Path of the Master

"Now the ether is only the substance, we might say the wire through which intelligence transmutes itself, and when you awaken that soul in you that knows and understands about God, you will get messages from all over the universe through the universal ether. You can see we are laying hold of something that is scientific" (Unpublished Fillmore May 16 1923 39).

"Did you ever realize that when you come into your own identity as Spirit and you see this outpouring of the Holy Spirit from the fourth dimension — because that is what it really is — when you get that, you will have a new name. Sometimes you get that new name as you enter into your spiritual estate, but the common name is Christ — the Christ of God. 'Thou art the Christ of God.' Peter, you remember, saw that as the real name of Jesus, that is, the spiritual name" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 1 1928 35).

"In our development of spiritual consciousness or spiritual powers, we must all be healers ... We should know that when we strike a certain chord of mind there is a release of energy in soul and body, and that that release of energy tends to the restoration of man from negations, from discords, from inharmonies of every kind; and that leads us to health. So we can't go very far in the development of this wonderful power without becoming healers. This is a law" (Unpublished Fillmore Mar 29 1931 19).

"The Holy Spirit can work only with men and through men. We pass its power and presence from one to another through our thought and spoken word. It is given to us that we may give it to others" (Heritage Pamphlet File, HTS 8).

"We do not breathe for ourselves, but rather God breathes in and through us. We do not have lives of our own, but we feel the life of God surging through all our organs ... We do not think and speak by ourselves alone; we think and speak God's thoughts after Him, which rush through our mind like a mighty wind. Then tongues of fire come upon us because we are inspired by the Holy Spirit (Keep a True Lent 52).

"There is no limit to the good that can be received, the good that can be bestowed, the good that can be accomplished by one whose mind, love, faith, and joy is centered in the Holy Spirit" (Weekly Unity Sep 2 1945 6).

Once we enter into master consciousness, there is no sense of separation. We become fully conscious of our oneness with God. The energy of this consciousness is so pure that it manifests healing wherever it is sent, fulfilling the will and work of Spirit. It is also true that the fully realized or awakened state in one individual has the power to awaken that same state in another. This explains Jesus' statement, "and I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself" (John 12:32). Jesus also told us that one day we would do the works that He did and even greater. The day we embark on the master path is that day.