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5A: Metaphysical Mind

After many years of experiencing life as the victim, something wonderful occurs and the prodigal comes to himself-herself. What makes this happen, no one knows. It is attributed to the grace of God active within the seed of the soul which is always drawing humankind to the full expression of divinity.

One of the symptoms of this stage is that one begins to realize that thoughts are things and that thoughts can be controlled. The individual is becoming conscious, and there is a gradual awakening to the realization that thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. The idea that "life is consciousness" begins to dawn, and the individual begins to desire to make changes for the good. This stage in spiritual unfoldment is biblically referred to as "repentance."

In biblical analogy, this awakening is symbolized by baptism; baptism of John the Baptist who is "the voice of one crying in the wilderness" (Matt. 3:3). John the Baptist signifies the illumined intellect which realizes that repentance, "a reversal of mind and heart in the direction of the All-Good" (RW/Repentance), is the only way to overcome the world and prepare the way in consciousness for the spiritual baptism of the Christ. This first baptism is also referred to in Scripture as being "born of water" (John 3:5).

Being born of water is usually a very long process where the individual learns to take control of thoughts, feelings, and actions, bringing them under the direction of the personal will. In this stage, the individual takes responsibility for his-her life experiences. This is also a period of developing ego strength and self-awareness. The idea of freewill and choice are uppermost in the consciousness of the metaphysician.

Affirmation and denial become the central focus during this period of transformation, and the daily word for life's experience is CHANGE!