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6J: Mystical Identification with "I AM"

Charles Fillmore believed there was great power for transformation in identifying with the words, I AM. The following quotes will help you understand his reasoning:

"If you can think of yourself as Spirit, as having all power and capacity, what is the result? Why, you begin to expand, and you go up on to this high place in your consciousness. As I say ... you begin to realize that I am being lifted up, and as I lift up my I AM, why all of my thoughts are attracted to that high place because it is the magnet, it is the focal power of all ideas" (Unpublished Fillmore Oct 28 1923 21-22).

"We are ready now to receive the Holy Spirit; we are ready now to take advantage of it. And, by believing, by laying hold of the One Infinite Spirit, by taking the stand that 'I AM the son of the living God,' and being willing to receive the cleansing of the Holy Spirit ... we shall enter into the new, we shall pass out of all this wilderness of sense ... and come into the very presence of our God" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 11 1914 18).

"The idea of God is Jesus Christ — one universal man. Men are but the mind organs of that one man — they do not possess of themselves anything whatever, but all that the Christ possesses flows through their consciousness when they have ceased to believe in personality. This the at-one-ment — 'I am in the Father, and the Father in me' — and the apprehension of that at-one-ment dissolves forever that inner monitor called accusing conscience" (Keep a True Lent 53).

"Involution always precedes evolution. The I AM and its spiritual faculties must be sent down into the body consciousness before the evolution of the spiritual man can begin" (Mysteries of Genesis 323).

"What you call the I Am is a lens, a focusing lens, and if you take that one white ray of infinite mind and focus it into your mind and begin to think about it, you produce a fire and if you continue that long enough you will feel that fire ... Every one of the cells of your body will vibrate on a higher plane. You will be lifted up and that is part of this process through which the holy Spirit descends into consciousness" (Unpublished Fillmore Dec 2 1923 14).

Affirmations, prayers, and meditations which identify with I AM are powerful tools for evoking the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the process of regeneration. I AM is the true identity of every living soul, and the more consistently the conscious mind associates with this truth, the more I AM reveals itself.